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How a Debt Resolution Program Works

Your minimum monthly payments to your creditors will cease throughout the debt settlement process. Instead, you will make a fixed monthly deposit into an FDIC-insured Special Purpose account. The account is in your name and is accessible online every day of the year. Your Personal Account Manager will contact your creditors and negotiate settlements on the balances as money builds up in the account. We settle each account individually until they are all settled. Our normal program estimate is from 24 to 48 months, depending on how many accounts are enrolled and how much money you have available to spend.

Designed to align with your financial capacity, the debt settlement program offered by Debt Relief Provider aims to assist you in reducing your current debt amount through a manageable monthly payment arrangement. Our method serves as a practical alternative to bankruptcy, offering affordability and flexibility that surpasses traditional credit counseling. Our debt settlement program doesn't impose credit prerequisites, nor does it require new loans. It's important to note that participation in our program is not suitable for all consumers and may not be accessible in all states. We take pride in transparently presenting our program alongside all available choices, empowering you to select the optimal path that aligns with your needs.

Customer Service

Within the first few months after enrollment, your file will be assigned to a customer service, depending on your particular circumstances. Throughout the entire bargaining process, your customer service will act as your advocate. Your customer service will get in touch with you each time a settlement is reached, explain the details, and request your consent to move forward. Every settlement requires your consent and must be made in writing. By doing this, you maintain control over the entire procedure and have the final word about all settlements.

Client Care

Speak with a trained debt professional at Debt Relief Provider for free. They can walk you through our straightforward method.

Our Client Care team will go through every part of the program with you during our initial Welcome Call to ensure quality assurance and that you understand it completely.

In order to assure quality assurance and that you have a complete grasp of the program, our Client Care representatives will go through all program components with you during our initial Welcome Call.

These calls offer assistance with handling creditor calls, acquiring required paperwork, and logging into your special purpose account.

Getting Approved for Debt Resolution

To qualify for our debt settlement program, the debt in question must be unsecured. Unsecured debt pertains to financial obligations without associated collateral, encompassing items such as credit card debt, personal loans, payday loans, medical bills, and outstanding balances from repossession-related matters. While credit card debt constitutes a significant portion of the cases we manage, we have achieved notable success across various categories of unsecured debt. Should your accounts all be in collections or if you lack clarity on balances, one of our debt specialists can conduct a soft credit inquiry to assess your account list and gain a comprehensive understanding of your financial standing. Generally, meeting the eligibility criteria for the debt settlement program requires having at least $10,000 in unsecured debt

Our staff will examine your creditor accounts and then evaluate your existing spending plan.

To come up with a program payment and estimate that will work for you, we consider every source of income and every expense you have each month. Our objective is to help you eliminate your debt as quickly as possible with a payment that is convenient for your budget. Our program estimate will frequently be substantially shorter than a traditional credit counseling program, and the program payment we can give is sometimes significantly less than the whole of your existing monthly payments.

One of our Debt Specialists will email you a secure registration packet as soon as we determine that you are qualified. We go through everything with you to make sure you comprehend every aspect. Your Debt Specialist will send your file to our Client Care team for service once the documentation is finished.

Considerations for Debt Resolution

Debt settlement offers a rapid and effective avenue for eliminating debt, but it's not without its drawbacks. A primary concern for individuals is the impact on their credit score. As payment history significantly influences credit scores, most clients tend to witness a decline in their credit rating during the initial phases of the program. Particularly, if your accounts are maxed out, you're delinquent on payments, or you're hindered by steep interest rates, your credit score might not align with your expectations.
Although settling debts may lead to a temporary dip in your credit score, the long-term outcome is an improved financial situation. Often, clients' credit ratings remain stable or even increase by the time they complete the program. Through responsible credit management and prudent usage, credit scores have the potential to be restored over time

You Can Achieve Financial Stability Through Debt Settlement If You: